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dojo란 이름..

낙서 : 2007.05.10 12:40
현재 아자씨로 인해 dojo를 공부해 보고 있다. dojo란 이름이 탄생한 배경이 아래와 같다네.. dojo를 처음 만들기 시작한 Alex Russell의 말이다. 요즘 일본이 IT 강세다. 상황이 이런지라.. 경쟁심이 불탄다. 건전한 방향으로 승화해서,, 열정을 담금질해야겠다는 생각.. 개인적으로는 도조라는 일본 말대신 도장이라는 말을 쓰고 싶다.. 아니면.. "도와조"라던가.. 아자씨 멤버 중 도장 발표를 맡은 진달이랑 수영이가 "도와줘"를 외치고 있네..

Q: And the name "Dojo?"

A: The name "Dojo" came about because I had received a Cease and Desist from Microsoft when they noticed that my one-man DHTML project -- netWindows -- had the word "windows" in it. Of course, you can't appropriate a word out of the language, no matter how much money you throw at it, but Microsoft seems to think they can. When we went to name the project it was decided that we should pick something less likely to get us sued, so Leonard Lin proposed "Dojo," and compared to all the other dreck that was being suggested, it won easily. Naming things well is hard!

Obviously the recent past has lots to do with Ajax, Jot, IBM, Sun, the general dynamic-languages renaissance, but I've blabbered enough on this, and everyone always loves the creation myth more than the hard work parts anyway. ;-)

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